Vampire Detector

The Vampire Detector is basically a modified pager that begins to vibrate if it is in the same room as a vampire.  The pager has […]

UV Light Beam

The UV Light Beam looks like an ordinary flash light, but is able to shoot a concentrated beam of UV light that mimics a blast […]

Stun Gun

The Stun Gun, when shot appropriately, hits the target and disrupts their nervous system causing them to become immobile for 1 minute per success level.  […]

Portal Generator

The Portal Generator was built by Dr. Strom that created a one way portal between this world and the dimension of Fiag’Rah.  The portal required […]

Niccolas’ Gun

Niccolas’ gun works like a small, sub-machine gun.  It can shoot bullets at a burst of five, or shoot one tranquilizer dart.  The clip can […]

Magnetic Gauntlet

The Magnetic Gauntlet is a glove that goes over the wearers right hand.  It generates a magnetic field and allows the wearer the ability to […]

Laser Gun

The Laser gun was built by Dr. Strom, it sends out a focused laser beam that does 25 Slash/Stab damage.  The gun is moderately unstable […]

Garou Collar

General Stockton had the Initiative experiment on werewolves to create the Garou Collar.  When the collar is put on a werewolf, specifically Eddie, small electrodes […]


The EMP gun was built by Tom Kinkaid to stop the other Niccolas created by Ciber.  It sends out an EMP wave that causes all […]