Sword of Ra

The Sword of Ra is an ancient Egyptian sword that was blessed by Tophas, the high priests of Ra.  It was said to have the […]

Star of Astoroth

The Star of Astoroth is a star shaped pendant created by the ancient wizard Astoroth.  When used properly it can cast the spell Substitutiary Locomotion, […]

Soul Ring

The Soul Ring is one of the many ways the demon Barthos trades and deals in souls.  After Emily and the gang bought back Owen’s […]

Silver Crescent Blade

This crescent-moon shaped dagger seems made of pure silver, but as sturdy as the best forged steel.  The blade has the ability to harm werewolves […]

Shadow Seal

The Shadow Seal is an ancient artifact used many years ago to banish the very powerful demons from this dimension.  After it was used, it […]

Sedric’s Staff

After Marie Jones was killed by her husband for having an affair with Sedric, Sedric created his magic staff to exact revenge on Marie’s husband.  […]

Sanden Amulet

In the early days when French explorers were settling the area known today as Ontario, Canada they worshiped one of the dark gods from a […]

Medallion of Estraz

The Medallion of Estraz was used by an ancient medicine man who was killed by a Spanish Conquistador, Eduardo Estraz, many years ago.  Estraz used […]

Glove of Myhnegon

The Glove of Myhnegon is a magical glove that when placed upon your hand can never be removed, save cutting your arm off.  The glove […]

Gauntlet of Arnin

The Gauntlet of Arnin has its true purpose shrouded in mystery.  However if it is worn the wearer has seven days in which to get […]

Ever Burning Candle

The Ever Burning Candle is a pillar shaped candle that Calliope found in the cave of Astoroth in the land of Tur.  The candle never […]

Elixir of Drakona

The Elixir of Drakona is actually the blood of a Drakona demon.  The blood gives energy to the dead.  It is a primary ingredient in […]